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The Department of Information Management was established in 1987. To educate more talents in Information Management, the Master's program was established in 1998 and the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program in 2000.The department currently has 473 undergraduate students, 46 Master's students, and 88 EMBA students enrolled.

A chronical review of the major developmental events is as following:


The department was founded as a one-class department by former president of the university Dr. Chang Guang-Cheng under the College of Business. Dr. Chang is also the first chairperson of the department.


The department started recruiting two classes annually.


The department implemented an innovative adjustment project in instruction and student counseling to ensure the graduates to meet the needs of the needs of the enterprise environment and the development of information technology.。


The department moved to the current location. with independent building and more equipment and space for better quality of education.


The Master’s Program in Information Management was established.


The EMBA Program in Information Management was established. This initiative made the department complete as an institute in the cultivation of high-end information management workforce. The “Website Management Research Center”, the first in its kind in the nation, was established for better cooperation with the industry and promotion of the department.


The department started promoting e-service. The major efforts were in the areas of elementary schools and social/overseas e-service.


The department established “ERP Research Center”, “CRM Research Center”, “Data Mining Research Center”, “Knowledge Management Research Center”, “e-Learning Research Center”, “Cross-Platform Information and System Integration Lab.” The purpose was to actively elevate the department’s capacity in practice and research.


The department started promoting e-entrepreneurship. The e-Entrepreneurship Lab was established to provide students opportunities practicing e-commerce.
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