Department Highlights

Department Features:

  • Balancing Theory and Practice: Emphasizing practical skills, inviting industry experts to participate in teaching activities.
  • Emphasizing Professional Information Integration: Emphasizing collaboration with different majors such as business management, finance, healthcare, and mechanical engineering.
  • Digital Services: Providing information professional services to rural and disadvantaged groups through executing programs to reduce the digital divide, overseas digital services, and digital learning partners, as well as collaborating with international partners.
Teaching Characteristics:
  • Focusing on cultivating students’ fundamental knowledge of information management to meet the rapidly changing field of information management. Strengthening students’ abilities in critical thinking, active learning, and logical analysis.
  • Inviting industry experts to offer practical courses such as “Visual Communication,” “IOS Application Development,” “CCNA Enterprise Networks,” “CCNA Network Certification,” “Image Creation and Thinking,” “Enterprise Intelligent Operations and Applications,” “Advanced Course Training and Internship,” “Information Security Management Practice,” “Internet Government Applications,” “Case Studies,” and more.
  • Promoting the “Learning Passport” program by forming teaching teams consisting of graduate students and enthusiastic alumni, and building the “Internet of Things Creation Base” to cultivate students’ spirit of active learning through practical mini-courses.
  • Establishing a “Big Data” and “Data Analysis” Exam Center, planning courses related to big data and data analysis exams, cultivating students’ theoretical and practical abilities, and encouraging them to obtain relevant international certifications.
  • Establishing a network of alumni contacts after graduation, inviting alumni or industry partners to visit the department to deliver speeches, providing suggestions for students’ graduation projects based on industry demands, or providing work-study, internship, and employment opportunities, and further expanding links with relevant industries.
  • Promoting employment programs and industry-academia cooperation projects, encouraging students to participate in employment programs and industry cooperation projects to increase their employment opportunities.
  • Professional Courses: JAVA Programming, Python Programming, Introduction to Information Technology, Management Mathematics, Introduction to Business, Accounting, Management, Enterprise Data Communications, Multimedia Programming, Network Programming, Economics, Statistics, Practical English, Data Structures, Database Management, System Analysis and Design, Software Project Management, Marketing Management Information System, Financial Management Information System, Production Management Information System, Human Resource Management Information System, Information Management, Information Management Project, Information and Law.

Teacher education field:





Business Intelligence

Yu-Liang Chi、Shi-Ming Pi、Zhi-Hao Lin

、Xian-Ming Zhou

Knowledge Engineering、Data Mining、Statistical Methods、Big Data Analysis、System Optimization、ERP、Information Security Management、Open Data Analysis


Shi-Hao Liu、Xiu-Li Liao、Chih-Yu Chin

、Zhao-Ming Wu

System Execution and Evaluation of Marketing、Digital Entrepreneurship irtual-real Integration

、Online Business Management、Online Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

Zhi-Li Hong、Wei-Ping Li、Jin-Hui Lai

、Kuo-Cheng Li、Hao-En Chueh

Neural Network、Text Mining、LoT Information Retrieval、System Development

、Financial Intelligence

Information System

Qing-Rong Liao

Tutor、Digital Learning Companion、Creative Problem Solving、Digital Teaching、Media Communication

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Future prospects
  • Career prospects for MIS students: information system development, business intelligence, e-commerce. The Department of MIS offers employment programs in collaboration with Ding Hsin Computer and the Wen-Shih Jen Education Foundation to provide guidance and support from career mentors and class advisers, helping students with career planning and consultation.
  • Graduates from the department have been employed by various companies including: Zhonghua YMG, Quanta Computer, Taiwan Microsoft, Acer, AU Optronics, Chunghwa Telecom, TSMC, Institute for Information Industry, ASUS, MediaTek, HTC, China Southern Financial Holding, and Yuanta Bank.
  • Notable alumni from the department include: the General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan’s Business Division and Partner Ecosystem, the founder of Umbrella King and Phone King, the founder of Travelbala, the founder of Giant Network Information Co. (Internet Thermometer), the founder of Lian Ying Technology, and the founder of Voicetube.
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